Date Night Dinner Decisions

Sometimes, having a good support system makes all the difference when you’re trying to make healthy choices.  I think I’ve mentioned that breastfeeding makes me insatiably hungry (and thirsty). I have been eating lots of healthy foods, but also some less healthy ones.

Last night, my husband and I went to dinner at a local seafood bar & grill chain here in Miami (Flanigan’s).  Yay, date night (albeit with baby in tow)!  We go out to eat less now that Miss Baby has arrived.  But Flanigan’s is family-friendly, and the food is always good.   We’re not the only ones who think so — the place is popular, so there is often a wait for a table.

While waiting, I got more and more hungry. Here is an actual conversation that took place (paraphrased):

Me:  Oooh, I want to get Rib Rolls [an egg-roll type of appetizer stuffed with BBQ, served with ranch]

Mr. Husband:  It’s bready. You don’t want to eat all that bread. And it’s fried.

Me: (snappy) Whatever. I’ll get what I want!

Mr. Husband:  You’re the paleo lawyer, you even have a blog.

Me: (more snappy):  Leave me alone! They’re not that bad.

Mr. Husband:  Do what you want, then.

Me: (smoke coming out of ears) Yeah! I will do what I want! And I want to order Rib Rolls, dagnabbit!  I am hungry!

But then, as I sat there growling at my menu, his words sunk in. Oh yeah. I *AM* paleo lawyer. I *DO* like to make healthy choices.  I took a deep breath. No, I am not ACTUALLY starving, thankfully.

The waiter arrived to take our order.  And instead of rib rolls for an appetizer, I ordered a Caesar salad, without croutons.  Victory! Instead of a loaded baked potato or french fries with my dinner, I ordered broccoli.  Victory!  Now, I did get the baby back ribs, so it’s not like I was eating health food!!!! But imagine the baby back ribs, PLUS the rib rolls, PLUS the loaded baked potato……..  That’s not how I want to treat myself.

Thanks for the gentle reminder, Mr. Husband.  🙂


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