I cooked meatballs!


Yesterday was the baby’s three-month birthday! Over the past three months I have not cooked as much as I did pre-baby.  But last night, I cooked!  Mr. Husband minded the baby, and I got into the kitchen.  I had bought 3lbs. of beef on sale, so I decided to make a bunch of meatballs.  I didn’t use a recipe, though I did glance at my lovely Nom Nom Paleo cookbook for a meatloaf recipe, to get ideas on what to use for a binder (eggs, coconut flour, which is what I had in mind).

I chopped and sauteed a medium onion, minced garlic, dried oregano, and basil.

Then, I mixed the 3lbs of meat with about 1/4 cup coconut flour, a couple of eggs, chopped kale (cooked). I also poured in a bunch of hemp hearts, because I bought a big bag of hemp hearts at Costco and haven’t figured out a way to eat all of them. I added some sea salt as well.  Then, I formed the resulting mixture into balls. I made large balls, because I am lazy and it takes too long to make a bunch of small ones.

I pan-fried the balls in a bit of olive oil, and then put them on a wax-paper lined baking sheet and baked at 400 degrees for a bit, and then broiled them a bit to brown the tops.  If this seems haphazard, it was!

What I learned:  I did not use enough eggs and/or coconut flour, or did not let them sit long enough for the coconut flour to do its job. Some of the balls were a bit delicate to maneuver in the pan and nearly fell apart. That also might be due to their size.  And that’s the main reason I finished cooking them in the oven, so minimal maneuvering would be required. Mission accomplished; they mostly stayed intact!

And most importantly, they tasted great! I served them with a good spaghetti sauce, over spaghetti squash. And had plenty left over for dinner tonight with a side of veggies, as pictured above.


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