Ode to the Sumo

Mr. Husband works in the produce department at Whole Foods. I suppose I should trust him in matters of produce. But knowing me, I probably shrugged and said “ok” when he first told me how Sumo citrus was the best.

Eventually I had one. Wow! Now I look forward to citrus season so I can eat lots of them.

They’re not cheap ($3.99/lb. when I bought them tonight in North Miami). But you know how sometimes when you buy citrus, one will be great and another one is wonky?  That doesn’t happen with the Sumos. They are very consistent.  They have a funny knob at the top that makes them magically easy to peel.  They are also juicy and seedless, with the perfect amount of sweetness… and every single one of them is like that.  With that level of quality, I am willing to pay to get my seasonal fix of these suckers.

They’re a great paleo-approved dessert, all by themselves.

I know I sound like a Sumo commercial, but alas, I am getting zero considerations to tout them.  I just ate one tonight and was inspired to share how great they are.  If I ever feel rich during Sumo season, I’ll buy a case of them and have my own all-I-can-eat Sumo buffet.

Once again, I am delighted by how great fruit can taste in-season.  It can be the reason to look forward to the seasons, like how the idea of juicy, ripe cherries freshly arrived from Washington State make me look forward to another sweltering Miami summer.

Finally, in other citrus news, my dwarf Meyer lemon tree must be happy because it is covered in sweet-smelling blossoms this year.  If I am lucky, I might have reason to break out this old LA Times article about 100 things to do with a Meyer Lemon!


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