Monthly Archives: February 2015

Ode to the Sumo

Mr. Husband works in the produce department at Whole Foods. I suppose I should trust him in matters of produce. But knowing me, I probably shrugged and said “ok” when he first told me how Sumo citrus was the best. Eventually I had one. Wow! Now I look forward to citrus season so I can eat lots of […]

Month three of being a mother!

My sweet little baby is almost three months old.   Here are some thoughts on being the mother of a three-month-old. My diet: It’s bad!  Breastfeeding makes me unreasonably hungry.  I have not been cooking much. I crave starchy things, and sweet things.  I want to eat my good paleo foods, but sometimes end up far from […]

It’s OK to have a paleo advice weblog without a license, at least in NC!

I wrote about the story of the paleo blogger in North Carolina a really long time ago. He was instructed to stop giving advice because he was not licensed.  Now it looks like there is finally a resolution. From an article from The Institute for Justice: In December 2011, Steve Cooksey started an advice column on […]