Hello 2015!

Happy New Year!

Hope you’re off to a happy, healthy start to 2015. As planned, I drank only water last night and started the year without a hangover. It’s so much better to feel well on 1/1 than to wake up feeling ill. The last time that happened to me (several years ago now) I vowed “never again!” and I’ve stuck with that vow. 🙂

This New Year’s Day was Day 1 of my low-sugar healthy plan, and it went well! Not perfect paleo, but WAY better than my diet over the past month.

Here is what I ate (or skip to the lazy-paleo recipe at the bottom if you don’t care):

Breakfast: boiled eggs and a green apple.

Lunch: We went out to Flannigan’s, a local bar & grill here in Miami, where I had a Caesar salad with bacon, 10oz. bunless burger, and a potato. Potato! That’s not paleo! But it’s better than fries!? I’d have subbed the ‘tater for veggies but it wasn’t an option. No biggie.

Dinner: red curry with chicken/butternut squash/carrot/collard & mustard greens (recipe below), served with quinoa, and a side of steamed beets. And “pandebono” (a South American cassava/cheese bread).

Dessert: Yes, I had dessert, namely one dark chocolate Diana’s Banana (1/2 banana dipped in dark chocolate). Considering I ate 1/2 a Whitman’s Sampler on one day during the past month (crazypants!!!), this small amount of dark chocolate and a banana seems very reasonable, and was a relatively low-sugar way to finish the day.

The results? Well, it’s only one day, but I feel great…. for the first time in weeks I don’t feel over-stocked on sugar calories. The sugar I had today (veggie/fruit sugars, potato, and dark chocolate) helped me avoid any sugar withdrawals. Yes, I saw some of the leftover holiday candy we have in the house and the lizard part of my brain thought “want!!!”… but only for a second. I had zero trouble avoiding it.

Now let’s see about the rest of the week!

Also, *everyone* was at Whole Foods today, stocking up on healthy foods to start the year. It’s the grocery store equivalent of the gym! 🙂

RECIPE: Fridge-Clearing Red Curry

I keep some “cheater’s” curry pastes in the pantry/fridge. These are little jars of concentrated pastes that approximate the flavors you’d get if you took the time to make your own proper curry. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s good and convenient for lazy folks like me. For this recipe, I used a Thai red curry paste.

I call this a “fridge clearing” recipe because I added in leftover stuff from fridge that I wanted to use up.

–saute a bit of garlic in olive oil.
–add carrot strings and saute
–add curry paste (I used a couple of dollops), chicken stock (about a cup), and coconut milk (1/2 can that I had left-over)
–add chopped chicken and saute until cooked through
–add pre-cooked butternut squash, collard greens, and mustard greens
–cook a bit longer, stirring, to let the flavors come together.

This was so easy I could do most of it holding a baby (carefully, to avoid any cooking injuries to the baby), and it came out great.

Further reports on my 2015 progress will follow if/when a sleeping baby allows for updates. Until then (ONCE MORE), Happy New Year!


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