38 Weeks Pregnant, and Mostly Paleo

Whew. I have now made it to my 38th week, and my belly is getting very taut and crowded! The baby still tries to move around a lot, but there just isn’t much space left for her to maneuver. She is head-down, as she has been all along. Good li’l baby.

The midwives say labor could happen at any time, or not for a month. What a range! That uncertainty is a little frustrating. While I intend to do the process 100% naturally and wait patiently until the baby is ready to appear, I can understand why a woman would want to schedule labor for a date certain. I am thankful to work for an employer that is really helping me with the uncertainty of this process, by giving me short-term projects so that I won’t have any loose ends when labor & maternity leave starts.

I know a lady lawyer whose law firm required her to start her maternity leave 2 weeks before her official due date, which may not have even been when she gave birth. So, if she went two weeks after the official date, that would be 1 month of baby bonding time she missed out on! 😦 Another lawyer friend of mine was supposed to get 6 weeks of leave, but the office started calling her 3 days after the birth to do work from home. Horrible.

Anyway, my diet has been MOSTLY paleo/primal during this whole time, and I feel great about it. Notable exceptions recently have included rice, and dark chocolate dipped bananas, but the fear of heartburn keeps me in line!

Having gained a bunch of weight before I discovered paleo, I had a residual fear of ballooning up again once I got pregnant, but that has not happened. In fact, my current weight is still less than my “high weight” when I was just fat without any baby to blame it on! I also feel very confident that with a healthy diet I will be able to get back into a decent shape after the baby.

And I DO intend to take full advantage of the 500-a-day calorie burn that breastfeeding will provide. It’s good for me, and for baby. And it’s free! I was sent a formula sample in the mail, and was totally grossed out at the ingredients, which read like a package of non-dairy creamer. Corn syrup solids!? Gross! I disposed of the sample. Now I just need for these mammary glands do their job. Wish me luck! Oh, and I’ve already googled “paleo lactation cookies”… Don’t judge me! 🙂

I’ve been craving organic chicken livers, and kale, and other high-iron foods. Given the amount of blood loss than happens after birth, that makes sense to me.

Another instinctual impulse that I am surprised about is the whole “nesting” thing. I don’t like that term. I don’t like a lot of terms that you hear when you’re pregnant, like “preggers” and “bun in the oven”… GAG.

But yeah, I’ve been doing that nesting thing. My brain is not my own! I’ve organized the linen closet. I’ve organized the storage-garage. I’ve cleaned nooks and crannies of the house that had not been cleaned in a long time. I’ve taken care of projects that were languishing for years. I’ve made list after list and actually managed to cross off my list items! I’ve pared down excess belongings and I called the donation pick-up people multiple times to get rid of bags and bags of extraneous stuff (stuff that I was never able to part with before). I haven’t even had time to update this blog!

My list for this weekend’s chores is very long, and yet I am looking forward to waking up early tomorrow and getting started on it. That’s not me — I am usually lazy! It’s so weird!


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