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Another Glucose Test Update

This post is about: (1) a follow-up re: prenatal tests; (2) relief at the understanding of my midwives, and a bit of fist-shaking at the rigidity of the medical establishment here in the US; and (3) eating pasta at a party. Friday morning was the dreaded 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT). I arrived at 9AM, […]

Paleo Pregnancy: Glucose Test Update

Today has been a roller coaster.  It started when I got a call from the midwives about my blood test results.  I was warned that there was good and bad news.  Uh oh. The good news: Stellar high iron levels.  I was not surprised.  Thanks, steak, organic chicken livers, and leafy greens. Mmmm. The bad […]

Paleo Pregnancy Continues

I thought I might write more during this pregnancy experience, but most of my spare time (outside of work, the gym, housework, and cooking), involves napping or watching bad television with my feet up. But things are going very well!  My fear about gaining too much weight has, so far, been unfounded. I have gained […]