Paleo Gestation

That’s right, I am in the process of baking a human.  New stuff!

The first three months I felt swollen/bloated from head to toe, and I had a slight feeling of nausea all day long.  Plus, I was always tired.  Now, about 4 months in, I have a bit of energy back, and I am less nauseous. Yay!

Here are some thoughts of what I’ve figured out so far:

  • NAUSEA during pregnancy is apparently caused by fluctuations in blood sugar.  The more I stick with my paleo plan, the better I have felt. Sparkling water helped, too.
  • All my cravings for SWEETS are 100% sated with fruits and berries, which make me feel goooood. On the occasions when I have decided to eat something sugary instead — like ice cream — I have felt baaaaaaad.  Consequently, the fridge is stocked with fruit.  Bring on the summer!
  • A good night’s SLEEP is now mandatory.  I go to sleep earlier, and rest when I am feeling flattened.  According to all reports from new parents, now is the time to enjoy sleeping, so I am taking advantage.
  • EXERCISE helps my energy levels, and sleep quality.   I try to do some combination of walking, light jogging, elliptical, light weights, squats, lunges, and push-ups at least 5 times a week.  Without fail, I always feel better afterward.
  • I also feel better when I drink ridiculous amounts of WATER.  I only needed one dehydration headache to learn that lesson. Since there is more “me” to hydrate, I have bumped up what I typically drink in a day.
  • While I don’t think a little CAFFEINE is necessarily unhealthy, I’ve weaned myself off my morning coffee, and I am down to a cup of hot green tea in the morning.

So far, so good.  Now, it’s time for a fruit break.  Bring on the cherries!


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