Kayak update

We had our first trip out on the water with our new kayak, and it was a success!

We launched from Pelican Harbor Marina, in the late afternoon.  There is a rocky little beach on the northeast side of the island, and free parking (as opposed to the boat ramp side of the island).  We took our time getting situated (stowing the dry box, making sure everything was tied down with bungees, installing the two “mirage drive” pedal mechanisms, and figuring out how to deploy the rudder).

Once in the water, we pedaled around, testing everything out.  Turns out, Hobie’s “mirage drive” pedal system is not a gimmick. It works so well that we ended up barely using our paddles!

We faced some strong steady winds and chop outside of the wind-shadow of the various little islands in the bay, and a great deal of current under the bridge between Pelican Harbor and the mainland…. but the kayak felt sturdy and stable even in the rough winds and water.  We circumnavigated Belle Mead Island, which was a nice calm ride.  We saw two dolphins at sunset, which was a great treat.   Then, we “rescued” a couple of guys who couldn’t get their jet-ski to start. They were stuck on an uninhabited island. We re-routed to the jet-ski vendor to give them the heads up.

The exercise factor was good. We got a workout from hauling the ‘yak around, getting it on and off the car and up out of the water.  And of course the pedaling itself. That’s a workout for legs and abs, but it doesn’t feel like it at all.

Adventure #1 is in the books!  I didn’t take any photos for the first trip. Next time!


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