This weekend I finally bought a kayak!  The “should we get a kayak” debate has raged for years.  The main issue was the cost. My husband and I love to kayak, we love to be outdoors in nature.  But should we be so indulgent?  This February, I made an executive decision: YES. Let’s do this. We work really hard, all year long. We pay our bills, we try to do the right thing.   We should do this.

And so we did.  The concession to thriftiness is that we went with a used kayak (Craigslist), and we went with one tandem kayak rather than two individual kayaks (cheaper).  With this purchase we get: exercise, adventure, and access to the water on our own terms.

At 14’8″ long, and 115 pounds, it is HUGE (very glad I spend all that time in the gym. Whoof).  This lovely lady(?) is a Hobie Oasis (a tandem pedal kayak), in the “Golden Papaya” color.  Lightly used.  Of course, I also had to get a roof rack. I went with Thule. It’s sturdy, and it locks.  Plus a set of straps to tie it down, and a plug-in cart to assist with rolling it.

Me and Husband are looking forward to getting out on the water!  The first excursion will likely be from Pelican Harbor Marina.

We have had a low-cost way to rent standard paddle kayaks, which we did regularly. However, the route and launch spot was always the same, and we were in slow kayaks that didn’t track well, and confined to staying with a group of other kayakers, many of whom were slowwwwwww.  This purchase opens up a lot of adventure possibilities here in the Miami area.   Yay for fun, outdoor exercise!

20140316_114652 20140316_144109  


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