3…2…1… Happy New (Paleo) Year!

It’s almost 1/1, the day many people make resolutions.

This year — 2013 — is the first I’ve been paleo through the entire calendar year!  I am looking forward to making 2014 my second paleo year!  Yes, of course there were days I ate sugar, and days I drank egg nog. There were couch potato days.  But the majority of food I ate was within my paleo template, and I made an excellent effort to move and exercise most days of every week (having a gym buddy helped with that).

I just went back and read my post from last year at this time.    I was feeling good then, and I am feeling good now.

This year, I did not gain weight, and I did not lose weight. But I am stronger, and I have more muscle, and less fat.  So, I decided to make some resolutions to keep that good progress going:

  1. I will complete a three week sugar-busting program, to eradicate the sources of sugar that have found their way into my world over the holidays (I’m looking at you, Mr. Egg Nog).  The nice thing about a 3 week challenge is that it’s a short-term resolution. The pressure is on for 3 weeks. I can do that. And during that time, maybe some good habits will develop!
  2. I will focus on increasing my strength (measured objectively, such as the number of consecutive push-ups I can do, and the amount of weight used for my “sumo squats with overhead press” move).
  3. Drop a size.  If this doesn’t happen, I won’t be sad.  But if it does happen, it will make me very happy!  At least it’s a good motivator to keep in mind when I am waffling about whether to hit the gym or go home and sit on the couch.
After all, I do have a big high school reunion coming up this year!

Hope everyone has a good, happy, and healthy 2014.


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