Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is 20 minutes away as I begin this post (I’m up late, having driven up to Central Florida to my childhood abode).

What a great holiday… a celebration of the best things in our lives, and a celebration with — and of — food.  I am a huge fan of the hot crispy turkey skin (I never turn down requests to carve the bird), hot roasted veggies, fresh herbs…. and good company. This year, mom is making her famous cornbread dressing gluten free, wheee!  An indulgence, for sure.

We’ll have turkey, the aforementioned dressing, baked sweet potatoes, a green salad, my little brother’s famous spicy collard greens slow-cooked for hours with hog maws (or other hog parts).  And other things I am forgetting.  I am going to be sneaky and make mashed fauxtatoes, substituting organic cauliflower for taters. Will anyone notice? Maybe. Will anyone care? No, because they’re going to be delicious.

I also had a hankering for pearl onions, though I am not entirely sure what I’ll do to them…..  yet. Roasted, perhaps? Or creamed?

We start the morning off with breakfast and bellinis, while the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade plays on television in the living room. We put out hors d’oeuvres, and friends stop by. And then, by 2PM, everything comes together and we sit down for dinner. Not a huge crowd this year, which is fine (low stress) though I am sorry to say my dear husband is back home since he has a cold, AND works on Friday. But he’ll get leftovers… And some much needed rest in the meantime.

I am full of thanks.  Have a happy, and (mostly) paleo Thanksgiving! 🙂


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