Paleo Autopilot… and a Paleo Lawyer Trial.

No posts for a while here!  I think that’s a good thing. It means: 1) I’ve got a lot going on “in real life”; and 2) My paleo lifestyle is somewhat on autopilot, in a good way.  My enthusiasm for living this way has not waned since June of 2012, but it has gradually become less of a “thing” and more just “me”… Does that make any sense?

Here’s an illustration:  Yesterday, I had a lunch with colleagues at a nice restaurant.   I appreciated the smell of fresh warm baked bread on the table, but had zero interest in eating it.   I selected salmon & asparagus (simple, unsauced, and delightful), rather than something with a mystery sauce.  And I sliced a nice chunk of real butter for my asparagus without feeling like a terrible person.

I’d still like to post when new things come up… but that may be a lot less frequent as time goes on.

There IS one thing that came up since I posted last:  I had a trial!  Let me tell you something. Trial ain’t no joke, either for the parties involved, or the lawyers.  The physical impact was quite startling.  Lack of sleep, adrenaline, cortisol, stress, no time for exercise… It takes a toll.  I barely convinced myself to eat, and the night before trial, I skipped dinner.  Probably not a great idea.

Once the trial started, I did force myself to eat. I hadn’t thought ahead, however. For lunch, we had no time to leave the courthouse. At the courthouse cafeteria, there was mystery “hot lunch” items, and processed meat sandwiches. Luckily, they had boiled eggs and fruit options. After day 1, I found enough time to make my own hard-boiled eggs for the rest of the trial (that way I knew they were pastured eggs, instead of pale-yoked eggs), and brought my own fruit.  Lesson learned: nutrition is yet another thing to pre-plan for a trial… it helps with brain power!   And a side note: I found it necessary to avoid caffeine (the adrenaline and cortisol had me keyed up quite enough, thank you very much).

Even so, all the stress and lack of sleep (and weird courthouse germs?) had me run down and sick by the end of the week. Recovering now………..    A good time for taking a break, and writing this blog post.

Peace and love, peace and love!


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