A while ago, I posted how Chick Fil A (like lots of other fast food) is kind of gross, when you start looking at the loooong list of bizarre ingredients.

But regardless of the grossness of their ingredients and their helmsman’s politics, I must confess that their nuggets were my favorite nuggets of all the nuggets in the land.

My husband must miss those nuggets too, because he found and forwarded me this recipe for “gluten, grain, and garbage free Chick Fil A style nuggets.”  Hint, hint.

I’ve had that recipe bookmarked for months, and tonight I finally decided to give it a try.

The result?  I love it when a recipe comes out exactly as it’s supposed to.  As I have mentioned before, I am a bit haphazard when throwing things together.  This recipe worked perfectly for me even though I was not precise in my measurements.   I used about 3 lbs of organic chicken instead of 2, so I upped the other ingredients accordingly.  I used a Tupperware-type container for the pre-fried chicken, rather than the bag suggested in the recipe, and I used the coconut oil option for frying.

Yes, “frying“… I am under NO illusions that I made health food tonight.   What I made was less-junky junk food, and it turned out great! I will note that I heated my oil at “7” on my electric dial range, and I found that the nuggets came out best, a dark golden brown, with a good 4 minutes per side, especially for the thicker chunks.

The verdict:  If you want your nugget fix, this recipe is a perfectly nice at-home version… And at the very least, you’ll avoid the gluten, MSG, and anti-foaming agents.


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