Monthly Archives: August 2013

Pork Tenderloin, and Butternut Squash

Sorry, I ate it so quickly there’s no picture (again).  But this dinner was SO quick, and SO easy, I thought I’d share what I did anyway. First, I added a bit of butter to a foil-lined toaster oven pan. Second, I placed a (thawed) pork tenderloin in the center, and surrounded it with frozen, […]

Happy Monday

After a weekend of eating all kinds of crazy stuff, it’s kind of (really) nice to get back into my weekly routine! Chicken (rotisserie) and veggies (frozen mixed organic veggies heated on the stove-top) for dinner.  Perfect. 

Ground Chicken Sliders and Meatballs

Holy cow. Or chicken, rather.  I love when I surprise myself in the kitchen, when I whip something up that comes out SO nicely, I want to to grab someone and make them TASTE THIS!!! But here I am, all alone, so I’ll have to write about it instead. Publix had their ground “Greenwise” chicken […]


A while ago, I posted how Chick Fil A (like lots of other fast food) is kind of gross, when you start looking at the loooong list of bizarre ingredients. But regardless of the grossness of their ingredients and their helmsman’s politics, I must confess that their nuggets were my favorite nuggets of all the […]

Greyhounds! (an only marginally paleo post)

This post is inspired by MC of Nourish Paleo, who recently wrote a sweet tribute to her dog.   This is a long post, so if you just want to see my dog, scroll down. If you’re interested in greyhounds and how I became a greyhound parent, see below (or seek out a greyhound rescue group!). […]

The Bacon Wrapped Livers (After)

The Bacon Wrapped Livers (Before)

Here is what I was talking about with my recent post about organic chicken livers wrapped in organic bacon. I had to make another batch, they were so good. This very batch is in the oven now, so my evening is about to become delicious.