Amazing Eggplant

I sort of made up a recipe on the fly last night, and it succeeded, big time!  Amazingly delicious.  I shall call this creation: Fluffy Eggplant Medallions. Here is what I did: 

  1. Sliced up two eggplants, into medallions (around 1/2 inch thick each).
  2. Heated a pat of grass fed butter in a frying pan (medium, to medium-high heat). 
  3. Beat an egg, and dredged each medallion in the egg.  Placed in the pan, and fried until golden brown. At this stage, I sprinkled each round with a little parmesan, before flipping.  The eggplant does not have to be anywhere near done, just golden brown on both sides.  
  4. (Oh yeah, and I heated the oven to 350 degrees, because there’s a second step! But don’t worry, it’s still easy!)
  5. I placed the still-firm rounds on a baking sheet (I used aluminum foil for easier clean-up, but parchment would work, too).
  6. I sprinkled each round with parmesan, and a little cracked pepper and sea salt.  You could omit the cheese. But it was good. 😉
  7. Baked at 350 degrees for……. Uh oh, this is where I am lax because I just winged it.  Maybe 20 minutes?  Until the parmesan is toasty brown? Until I couldn’t wait any longer!? 

Basically, I cooked it just until the eggplant turned into delicious, soft, fluffy pillows of deliciousness.  And yes, once again, I’ve made a thing and devoured it before taking a picture.  Maybe next time.  If I had more eggplant right this moment, I’d make this recipe again. It’s that good! 


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