Monthly Archives: July 2013

Beef Marinade

Coconut aminos (or tamari), fresh grated ginger, sesame oil, minced garlic, chopped green onion. Marinate in the fridge for a day or so, and then grill… Mmmmm. Trust me!    Omg, and honey! I forgot honey! Though it’s optional. Advertisements

Local Review – Harry’s Pizzeria

I’d heard good reviews for Harry’s Pizzeria for a while, but finally tried this Miami Design District restaurant for the first time tonight. In one word, AMAZING. Let me tell you about it. 1) Valet out front. The Design District is sometimes a place where you don’t want to leave your car… if you can find […]

Here’s the chicken I made….

Here’s the parsley garlic chicken I wrote about recently.

But seriously, paleo on a budget…

In this post, I go on and on about my shopping trip tonight (which was budget-conscious due to my current self-imposed austerity measures). Oh, budgets. If I could go back in time to 1999, knowing what I know now…. I’d be paleo, of course! But more to the point of this post, I would not […]

Easy Sunday-Night Garlic-Parsley Chicken

On a relaxed Sunday evening, I like to cook something easy that will come in handy as leftovers for the next few days. One recipe that keeps popping up (so it must be good) is my oven-roasted Garlic Parsley Chicken.  I discovered this recipe by accident, when I made a too-large, ginormous batch of chimichurri […]

Amazing Eggplant

I sort of made up a recipe on the fly last night, and it succeeded, big time!  Amazingly delicious.  I shall call this creation: Fluffy Eggplant Medallions. Here is what I did:  Sliced up two eggplants, into medallions (around 1/2 inch thick each). Heated a pat of grass fed butter in a frying pan (medium, to […]

Paleo Piña Colada

Back a few years ago, when my husband and I went on our honeymoon in Mexico, our resort had the obligatory swim-up bar. Husband doesn’t drink alcohol, never has… so of course he ordered his piña coladas rum free.  And when I did a taste-test between his virgin version, and my rum-infused drink, I preferred […]