Summer Mega Salad

Wow, it was hot in Miami today (low 90’s).  Sweltering summer days call for refreshing salads, chilled fruit, and iced tea.  Don’t you agree?  The best thing about summer salads is that the possibilities are endless, and your salad is limited only by your imagination.

On the way home from a tough afternoon of shopping (ha, but seriously, “Sasquatch Sized” shoes are in short supply), I was craving a Caesar salad…. I almost stopped at Pollo Tropical for their grilled chicken Caesar (but then got a frowny-face, thinking about the Mystery-Salad-Dressing, and how I’d have to pick off the croutons, because even if you say “no croutons” nobody ever thinks you mean it, so you get croutons).

I decided to come home and wrangle up my own salad, and here’s the Mega Salad I ended up with:

  • 3 types of organic kale (pre-chopped by me & waiting in the fridge in my salad-spinner… it’s great time saver to chop it all at once, and it’s cheaper than buying it pre-chopped, with no plastic clam-shell to recycle)
  • capers (salty, tangy, mmm….)
  • BACON.  Yes, I fried up some of that thick-cut southern raised bacon. And now I have leftover bacon for BKT’s tomorrow (Bacon,  Kale, and Tomato “sandwiches”).
  • Grilled chicken (pre-grilled earlier this week. I sliced it, and warmed it in a pan).
  • Pan-fried zucchini (sliced, finger-sized, and fried in a tiny bit of butter, then set on a paper towel and sea-salted)
  • Anchovies in olive oil (getting back to that Caesar salad thing)
  • Red cabbage, chopped
  • A bit of parmesean
  • Tessamae’s dressing (have you tried Tessamae’s? It’s pretty darned good, gluten free, no junk-oils, etc.).  The stuff I used tonight was a free sample I got at Whole Foods, but it was really good, so I’ll buy some next time!

I arranged everything in a big, giant bowl, and put on “Sabado Gigante” on the ol’ television… (that’s how I lazily work on my Spanish comprehension skills).

It took me awhile to make my way though my huge, crunchy salad. So many flavors, great hydration from the cool veggies…  And now, I am on to organic grapes & nectarines for dessert.

I really love summer!  And that’s yet another great new thing that I attribute to Paleo.


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