Paleo Workout – Dancing!

I am no fitness expert… but I know that when I sit down at my computer with sweat dripping down my face, I just finished a great workout.  And the best part is, it wasn’t tedious, it was fun.

This week, I read a quora article a friend of mine had linked to on Facebook, and I liked the advice it gave.

The workout I just completed accomplished a few of the suggestions in the article (don’t take yourself too seriously as a “grown-up”, don’t stop learning, play games, etc.).

For an entire hour, I danced like a maniac, by playing “Just Dance” on the ol’ Xbox. It was a blast.  I am not a “dancer” but I am enthusiastic, and my heart rate really got going!  I had to stop for water a few times.

If’ you’ve never played with one of these newfangled gadgets (it’s actually a few years old by now), I’ll explain to you that the Xbox Kinect has a camera/sensor that “watches” you, and can tell if you’re doing the dance moves properly.  As a kid born in the 70’s (I had an Atari), I find it to be kind of futuristic, kind of creepy, but super cool.   The Kinect knows if you’re not keeping up, so there is incentive to go for it!    But I digress.  This is NOT an advertisement for Xbox, it’s an endorsement of DANCING.  🙂

In my opinion, a dance workout is great. It’s a full-body workout, high energy, and lots of core muscles used.  Plus, listening to music and dancing doesn’t feel like a workout, so (for me) the hour flew by, even though I was panting and sweating to songs I actually enjoy, like “Hey Ya” by Outkast.

The good thing about the Xbox is that it comes up with the dance moves for me to follow.  I can dance around listening to Pandora (that happens sometimes, too), but I just don’t have that many moves on my own.  I am still working on the “easy” versions of all the dances.  I can’t imagine what “normal” or “difficult” will be.

Again, I am not a fitness expert, or a paleo expert. But dancing seems to be a natural, human thing to do. Beat a drum, light a fire, and I’ll dance around it for you under tonight’s Supermoon.

Happy Sunday!




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