My Paleo Go-To Recipe: The Frittata

Let me tell you about one of my favorite recipes:  The Frittata.

It always works, and it’s always delectable, even if I haven’t been grocery shopping in days.  With a few eggs (always in stock in my fridge), I can quickly whip the absolute DREGS of my fridge into a mouth-watering dish.

(By the way, I don’t know if my “frittata” is the same as yours, but I think it’s different from an omelette, which I think of as an egg pancake wrapped or folded around its filling, or a Spanish-style tortilla, which I think of as a taller and more stratified, like a crustless egg pie or quiche.  But depending on how you make those other eggy creations, we might be talking about the same thing.)

  1. Step 1 – First, I gather my fridge dregs:  The final wilty leaves of kale I’ve been avoiding.  The nub of an onion in a zip-lock baggie. Leftover veggies (the the marinara veggies I wrote about in my last post).  Maybe if I am lucky there will be some portobello mushrooms that haven’t gone slimy, or (joy!) some bacon I pre-fried and then forgot about (yes, that’s pretty unlikely… bacon doesn’t last long around here).  Garlic cloves that are starting to sprout a new plant…
  2. Step 2 – Chop up my fridge findings.
  3. Step 3 – Saute everything in a frittata pan (a/k/a any old frying pan with an oven-safe handle).  I typically use a little pasture-raised cow butter.  Adds a great flavor, and keeps the frittata from sticking in the pan.
  4. Step 4 – Once your veggies are cooked a bit (onions clarified, etc.), and nice and HOT, spread them out evenly in the pan.  Turn the cooking heat down to medium-low, and add in several well-beaten eggs.  I use an egg-beater so that they get bubbly (and cook fluffy).  How many?  Depends on how many people want eggs, and how hungry they are. For me, I use 2 – 4.  For 2 people, 4 – 6.
  5. Step 5 – Once the eggs are in the pan, I heat up the broiler.  By the time the eggs have set up a bit on the burner, the broiler is hot, and I pop the whole pan in the oven, cooking the top of my frittata.  Sometimes it puffs up into a dome shape.  That’s OK. That’s good.  It will settle back down.

Remember, the handle of your frying pan will be hot.  Use a pot-holder.  I am not saying that because I think you’re stupid. I am saying that because while I don’t consider myself particularly stupid, I HAVE grabbed the hot handle of a frittata pan.  Oops.

That recipe really didn’t need to be broken into steps.  It’s so easy.

So, when might I find myself making a frittata?  In the past week, I have made TWO:

First, on Thursday night, I went to a professional event at the Banker’s Club in Miami (it was a few hundred lawyers and judges, a cocktail hour, followed by a lecture, and dinner).   Great, except dinner was a teeny Caesar salad,  followed by a wee piece of chicken, an itty bitty scoop of veggies, and a couple of slices of potato.  And an adorable key lime tart, which I did NOT eat (yay, me).   Having eaten a super light lunch, I got home at 9PM, still RAVENOUS.  Within minutes I was enjoying a kale, onion, and portobello frittata, with a pat of grass-fed butter melted over the top of it.  Heavenly, and satisfying.

Second, this morning (a lazy Sunday), I realized I haven’t been grocery shopping in days.  There was not a slice of bacon in sight.  My husband was (is) still sleeping, so I knew we weren’t going out to breakfast any time soon (and if I wait to eat, I’ll turn EVIL).  My only prospect in the the fridge was a container of leftover cooked frozen veggies w/ unsweetened marinara sauce. It was really good hot, but this morning I was not feeling it.   So, I sauteed it up in the pan, added 3 whipped eggs, fluffed it up under the broiler, and dang, I just had an amazing breakfast.  Below is a photo. Note that it’s a more attractive dish if you try to get it out of the pan in one piece, or in neat slices.  I did not care, and thus mine is a mess. A delicious mess!

Frittata du jour

Frittata du jour



  1. OMG — I am SO with you on the frittata love. They always taste delicious, no matter what veggies you use.

    I had not thought of topping with a bit of grassfed butter. Genius!

  2. The butter was a sudden inspiration… and WOW, it was fantastic. 🙂

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