Paleo Year Two… Back to Basics.

This is mostly a post about my experience with doctors, and the weight loss process.

This past week I went for my annual medical check-up, with the doctor that I found right when I started my first year of paleo (Dr. L).  Dr. L is great. He’s very focused on preventative medicine and safe long-term weight loss.

When I first visited Dr. L, I told him that I was unhappy with my previous GP, (Dr. C).  When I said that, I sensed Dr. L was thinking I was a problem patient. “Uh, oh. here we go.”   After all, I might think the same thing if a new client told me they had issues with their previous lawyer.

Thankfully, Dr. L’s attitude changed when I told him why:   When I told Dr. C that I had recently gained 60lbs, without changing any of my regular habits, I thought he’d find it as alarming as I did. I anticipated that Dr. C would ask some follow-up questions, and maybe suggest some kind of blood or thyroid test so we could figure out why… or at least rule out medical causes.  Instead, Dr. C said simply, “wow. that’s a lot.” and then shrugged and sent me on my merry way.  I didn’t push him, but resolved immediately to find a new doc.

Dr. L is the one who did test my blood and ruled out a thyroid issue.  When I expressed frustration at my long weight loss plateau despite my restricted calorie diet & frequent exercise, suggested that I eat more food.  MORE food!

And he was right.

So, the good news is that after a year of (mostly) paleo living, and eating enough to feel energetic, my blood pressure and resting heart rate are lower than ever. And, 40+ lbs lighter than my high weight.  I feel great.

BUT……… Once again I am at a plateau with weight.   This time it isn’t shocking.  My non-paleo vices (ice cream, rice, and corn chips) have crept back into my diet as occasional indulgences in the past 6 months, once I figured out they don’t make me feel horrible (like bread does).

SO……….. I made a deal with my doc, and agreed to try — really try — to lose 15 – 20 lbs in the next 6 months.  Meaning, I have to do the things that I did the first 6 months of my first paleo year:  be consistent, and hold off on those occasional indulgences…. at least until I reach my goal!   Let’s see how it goes.

This post has been all about me, me, me, so I’ll end with a little semi-recipe, for an easy, healthy dinner that fits into my weight-loss goals:

  • Feeling thoroughly unmotivated to cook, I looked in the fridge.  Good thing I had thawed an organic pork tenderloin (purchased along with a few other tenderloins, months ago, when they were on mega-sale… BUDGET Paleo Alert!).  And I found some frozen veggies in the freezer (a bag of broccoli, and a bag of “california mix”). Frozen isn’t ideal, but convenience won this time.
  • I set the tenderloin on foil, on the little baking rack for my convection toaster oven, and then shook seasonings over it (dehydrated onion, sage, sea salt, garlic powder, oregano powder, black pepper).  And then I cooked it at 350 for…. I dunno, 20 minutes or so?  Until it was hot through, and not pink in the center.  Seriously, I was too lazy to Google a cooking time last night.
  • While that was going on, I cooked up the frozen veggies on the stove-top. And then mixed into the veggies a jar of unsweetened marinara sauce, until heated through.

Ultimate lazy-cooking!   But you know what?  For a dinner that took very little thought or effort, it was pretty great.


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