Happy Paleo Anniversary to Me!

A year ago, after stumbling onto the paleo concept, I decided to commit to it for at least a month.

Having tried many types of eating, I was prepared for the fact that it might not work for me.  Much to my surprise, it worked for me in  dramatic and life-changing ways.   And now an entire year has passed!

Here are some things I’ve learned:

  1. Eating a variety of animal proteins, fruits, veggies, nuts, and minimally processed oils, makes me feel healthy and happy.
  2. “Commonplace” physical issues like post-meal fatigue, belly gas, heartburn, obesity, and acid reflux, are NOT my natural state of being!  These were symptoms that my food choices were not agreeing with me.
  3. My world didn’t end when I ate a slice of pizza (twice this past year), nor did the Paleo Police show up to arrest me.  But I sure didn’t feel great!
  4. Grocery stores are full — FULL — of non-food.  Some grocery store have more non-food than others.  If a food has a nutrition label, there are greater odds that it’s a non-food.
  5. Eating organic means a greater appreciation for growing seasons, and the natural world in general.  And happier chickens make tastier eggs.

Here are some things I want to explore in the coming year:

  1. I no longer fear gaining weight and becoming obese again, and in general, I feel pretty darned good.  But I do have at least 18 lbs. to lose before my doctor stops showing me the BMI chart when I visit.  While I feel like my body composition is changing very, very slowly, my weight has now been the same for months.  So, what is the best way for me to do that?  Avoiding fruit and sweet potatoes? Banning corn chips (my non-paleo “vice”). Different exercise? 
  2. I want to keep finding great recipes, and finding paleo bloggers and other resources with interesting insights, and keep developing my ideas for the best way to keep on track (while staying in budget).  So, more “budget paleo lunches” to come.
  3. There are a good deal of local resources that I have not explored yet. Miami has a growing population of people who care about organics, farmers markets, sustainable food production, and the like.  I’d like to continue to find and write about these local resources.
  4. I’d like to work on some small-scale food production in my own backyard (given my realistic time and energy limits as a full-time lawyer).  What plants and herbs will grow best in my tropical, Zone 9 backyard? Which plants are resistant or immune to the fungus and mold and pests that plague urban/suburban yards in my area?  I can grow aloe, but I haven’t developed a taste for that yet!
  5. Maybe I’ll figure out why people who haven’t tried the paleo thing (and/or who don’t want to try it for whatever reason) are so vehement in denouncing it as bogus, bunk, and a blight on the face of the earth.  Maybe it’s not important, but I do find it odd.

Happy June 1 (the first day of Hurricane Season for those of us in the Atlantic tropics), and happy paleo anniversary to me.  🙂


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