Breakfast of Champions

When my great-grandmother was alive, she’d cook for hours every day to make “dinner” — which was actually a 1:00PM “lunch” (it’s a Southern thing). She’d make a variety of fresh veggies (string beans, mustard greens, collard greens, sliced tomatoes, okra, squash, and/or any other food available from the garden at a given time of year), fruit (a favorite is “ambrosia”, made from a variety of chopped fruits, coconut, and chopped pecans), biscuits or cornbread, rice, etc. etc. etc. (it was a large meal).

Of course, there was always a protein — often, it was beef from cows that my great-grandaddy raised. One of my favorite recipes was a simple, homely one: tenderized beef cube steaks, breaded and pan-fried. It has been one of the flavors I missed, since my paleo template doesn’t include dredging beef (or anything else) in wheat flour.

But today I rejoice, because I learned I can get that same old flavor using coconut flour!

Here is what I did: (1) I dredged the cube steaks in a bit of coconut flour (no egg wash, though you could do that if you like); (2) I pan-fried them on medium-to-high heat in a wee bit of oil. For 2 “breakfast-sized” steaks, I used a pat of grassfed butter and a small spoonful of coconut oil, combined; (2) As they were resting on a paper-towel, I finished them with a bit of cracked pepper and sea salt.

The result? Holy mackerel! The steaks, along with two fried eggs, over easy, and a mixed green salad was a perfect way to start this Saturday. Surprisingly, the steaks didn’t taste overly coconutty (maybe it was the butter, or the fact that the beefy flavor took over).

So, if you’re missing Southern-style breaded beef-steaks, I highly recommend this version. Also, keep in mind that that tenderized cube steaks are a very INEXPENSIVE way to enjoy beef. BUDGET PALEO ALERT!



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