I survived Sunday at the New Whole Foods Market…

I’ll not hide my love of Whole Foods Market… My husband works there, so we both shop there a lot.  Not only is it a wonderful place for him to work, but the stores are lovely, with all kinds of items you can’t find at conventional grocery stores.  I really appreciate the “conscious capitalism” business model.   I don’t personally agree with the emphasis on eating (only) plants, nor do I love that a lot of their prepared food items use canola oil, but at least I know what’s in the items and can make an informed choice about it.  And there is nothing wrong with their emphasis on adding lots of fresh, delicious organic produce to one’s diet.

If I hadn’t mortgaged my brain w/ law school debt, I’d consider working there, too.  (Note for the kids: Do not go to law school unless you can do it without taking out an Aston Martin’s worth of loan debt).

Anyway, the newest WFM store has opened in North Miami, just a hop, skip, and a jump from my neighborhood.  This first week has been mayhem.  Not really in a bad way.  There is a lot of good excitement about the store, and I think everyone in town has stopped by at least once.  Today, I ran into a nice fellow customer-lady at the wheatgrass/ginger shot bar for the second time this week.  We both like to order the same thing (and at the same time, apparently).  Pretty funny.

So, yesterday I wrote how I am not doing any alcohol, at least for a while.   Well. My dear WFM did not help me out today.  I think there were at least 4 wine tasting stations!   My resolve did not waiver.  I just remembered how yuck I felt yesterday after half of a mouthwash-cup equivalent of wine, and kept on walking…….. Le sigh.

Except no “le sigh” is needed. I kept walking into the produce department for lemons and limes. At home, I combined in a carafe the juice of one lime, one lemon, and a can of my preferred “Taste Nirvana” coconut water (for sweetness).  Then I served it over ice in a jelly jar, 1 part juices, 2 parts sparkling H2O.  And then I took a silly photo, which is just as blurry as if I’d been drinking alcohol. Oops!



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