Yet another “wow” moment I owe to paleo…

Yesterday, a Saturday, my husband and I set an alarm and woke up extra early to go kayaking on Biscayne Bay.  Since he is a student at Florida International University, the two of us were able to take advantage of a group kayaking event for just $10!  We’ve been considering buying our own kayaks, so this was an opportunity to see how we’d enjoy kayaking in our ‘hood.

FIU’s Biscayne Campus is located on the water, and not far from our house.  Look how pretty:

The Launch Site

The Launch Site

So, Husband and I get into our tandem kayak (one of the yellow ones in the photo), and get into the water.  The moment my paddle hit the water, I was in heaven. But the amazing “wow” moment that I owe to paleo came when I realized I wasn’t getting tired of paddling.  Not that it wasn’t hard work, especially when we got out into the light choppy waters outside the more wind-sheltered portions of the Bay. But I felt like I had trained for that moment, by lifting heavy things, and eating right to get rid of my excess fat. I felt powerful, and the feeling lasted throughout the 2+ hour trip!  I had energy that didn’t seem to run out!

We paddled through a winding path in the Mangroves of Oleta River State Park, and out to a sandbar. What a great feeling, to be out in nature on a perfect spring day. Water, wind, mangroves, birds, fresh air, exercise…

Two additional observations:

1) The kayak store my husband and I visited a couple of years ago jokingly referred to tandem kayaks as “divorce kayaks”… I can see why and how that might be the case. The tandem set-up requires paddling in unison, and compromise if each person wants to go in a different direction. would exacerbate or highlight any issues in a relationship. On the other hand, I think it can be a great teambuilding experience.  If the tandem kayak was a test, we passed it. Yay!  🙂

2) Husband and I knew we were the “old”/”mature” people in the group.  Except for one muslim girl who wore long pants/shirt and hijab, most participants were wearing no headgear, bathing suits & flip-flops, and all but one other guy were glove-less.  Husband and I had long-sleeve UV protective shirts, padded protective gloves, water shoes, and large-brimmed big hats.  I even had my own fancy PFD that I got for sailing.  We also had knives, water, Lara bars, and other “contingency plan” stuff.   We laughed at this observation, but also felt very smug about it…. Being shielded from the brutal Miami sun ensured we had a wonderful day, without a painful (sunburned) evening. Live and learn!


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