When the going gets tough, the tough eat bacon?

This was a rough week, for a lot of reasons (personally, I had a fender-bender, I was mega-busy at work, blah blah blah). And the week started off with the bombing of the Boston Marathon, and was followed by the Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

Monday, daunted with the week to come, I got home and couldn’t fathom eating anything, despite being hungry. So I baked a pound of bacon. And I ate it. All of it. Oops.

Here is what I learned from that experience:

  •  To avoid eating a pound of bacon when you’re home alone, use what you were planning to use (crumble a few strips over your chicken salad), and then refrigerate the rest.  Otherwise you’ll be tempted to have warm bacon for dessert.
  • There is a point of no return, where you’ve only got 1/4 of the package left. Do not get to that point.
  • Eating a pound of bacon is an instant sleeping pill. All energy must go to digestion, apparently.
  • Eating a pound of bacon will inspire you (me) to eat super-healthy the rest of the week.
  • Eating a pound of bacon did not hamper me from losing the 5lbs I had packed on during a weekend of baseball park food and wine.

Not recommended, but these things happen sometimes.  There is something to be said for comfort food.  Most of all, I realize that the little glimmer of food-guilt I felt on Monday was something I felt all the time before paleo. ALL the time. Daily. That’s no way to live. Life is short enough as it is, without angst about something we have to do every day.

I feel like a hippie saying it, but peace & love, all.

UPDATE:  It was less than a pound of bacon. I had presumed the package was a pound, but it was more like 12oz.  Still a lot of bacon.  🙂


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