Dear Internet:  Thank you for allowing me to learn about meatza.  I was checking out Nourish Paleo’s post, which led me to Well Fed’s meatza recipe.  And so tonight I made wonderful grass-fed beef meatzas for dinner based on that recipe. Wow.  What a fantastic recipe!

I did some improvisations, because that’s the kind of haphazard cooking I tend to do.  These meatzas are topped with portobello mushrooms, arugula, tomato, onion, and artichokes. Mine has pre-steamed broccoli, too. I used almost a whole can of tomato paste per pound of meat, because I like my meatza saucy.

It was wonderful.  Also, let me warn you that if you make 1 meatza per person, everyone will be full. But if you make two meatzas per person, there will not be leftovers.  It’s impossible to save these for later.  🙂  You can see in the second photo that I added cheese for the last 5 minutes, making the recipe primal instead of paleo.  But these meatzas would have been just as good without the cheese.





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  1. Wow — those DO look good! I think the artichokes were a nice touch.


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