(Not) Vacation Eating

Things I did NOT eat during my long weekend in Central Florida:

  1. Tortillas.  I ordered Pollo a la Mexicana, great spicy chicken and veggies. No tortillas needed.
  2. Home Fries and Toast.  I got a side of sausage with my omelette instead. Much better!
  3. Beer.  At the great, smoke-free bar “Redlight Redlight” in Audubon Park, they have many, many types of interesting and exotic beers.  They also have Kombucha, on tap! It’s wonderful, and I didn’t have a headache the next day.
  4. Breaded appetizers.  My crew went to watch the UFC fights at a sports bar. I skipped the “jalapeno poppers” and fried cheese. Instead, I went with an order of “naked” chicken wings (skin removed) and a big salad with olive oil and vinegar.  Delicious.
  5. Convention Food.  Lots of nerdy fun at “MegaCon”…  The food offerings at the convention center were not so fun. In addition to being overpriced, it was really greasy and unhealthy (think pizza, hot dogs, questionable sushi, fried donuts, cookies).  I got a fruit-only smoothie, and held out for “real” food later after we left.

I mention these foods just because pre-paleo, they are precisely the types of food I would have eaten without a thought. Maybe some fleeting guilt as I wiped the cheese-stick grease from my hands.  And then I would have returned after a long weekend, 10 lbs. heavier, sodium-bloated, and unhappy.


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