Festival Food Win

This weekend my lovely little town (Miami Shores Village) held one if its annual festivals (“Unity Day”).  It’s a fundraiser for our excellent recreation department, and a great event for everyone from the little kids to the old folks.  I’m somewhere in between, and there is something there for me, namely: FESTIVAL FOOD.  Cue Pavlovian salivation….

The last time I went to Unity Day, I bought a pulled bbq pork sandwich platter, with cole slaw and baked beans. Also, since I was volunteering to help with the event, I was showered with offers of free hot dogs and chips.  And I accepted.  Yikes. I don’t recall if I drank soda, but I wouldn’t rule it out.  I could always easily slip into “special occasion mode” for a festival.

This time, I did Unity Day (mostly) paleo-style.  Yes, I headed straight to the pulled bbq pork platter.  But the nice folks manning the booth were more than happy to accommodate my request for no bread, no beans, double cole slaw. Bonus — the cole slaw was vinegar based, and not creamy. Double-bonus, the bbq was sauce-free, so I could and did avoid adding sugary sauce from the bbq sauce bar.

For dessert, I had one of my favorites: Grilled corn on the cob. I skipped the butter (not grassfed).

Now, here’s where I went off the rails. One of the candidates for the local council was giving away little ice cream cups. And I ate one. Well, that was not paleo. Not at all.  But I am not sweating the transgression.  After all, I didn’t eat the bready sandwich bun, or the butter on the corn, or the sugary, carby beans. Or chips. Or soda. Or any of the free cookies being given out at other festival booths. Old me would have been all over all of that. Plus the ice cream.

I should also add that the festival had a free bike valet service this year, so I got the extra exercise by biking over to the festival.  What a great idea for a neighborhood festival!

All in all, I call this a festival food win. Bring on the fairs and carnivals.  Mostly-paleo festival eating? I can do this!  And when I do, I’ll write about it here.


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