Monthly Archives: March 2013


Dear Internet:  Thank you for allowing me to learn about meatza.  I was checking out Nourish Paleo’s post, which led me to Well Fed’s meatza recipe.  And so tonight I made wonderful grass-fed beef meatzas for dinner based on that recipe. Wow.  What a fantastic recipe! I did some improvisations, because that’s the kind of haphazard […]

(Not) Vacation Eating

Things I did NOT eat during my long weekend in Central Florida: Tortillas.  I ordered Pollo a la Mexicana, great spicy chicken and veggies. No tortillas needed. Home Fries and Toast.  I got a side of sausage with my omelette instead. Much better! Beer.  At the great, smoke-free bar “Redlight Redlight” in Audubon Park, they have many, […]

Budget Paleo: Work Lunches, Part 3

Another week in the office, another week of lunches, budget paleo-style. Here’s a paleo confession for you:  Every once in awhile, I reminisce about eating giant sub sandwiches with standard-issue mayo, empty-calorie white bread, and full-o-junk cold cuts. Of course, as soon as I start to analyze the latent harm in the sandwich, and remember […]

Homemade Beef Jerky, In Progress

One of my favorite foods has always been jerky, like the strips of chewy, salty venison jerky stored in a bucket & hung from the roof of  my grandfather’s whiskey shack (which is a little outbuilding with a porch and smokehouse).   The thought of it now makes my mouth water.  Pre-paleo, I’d buy bags […]

Festival Food Win

This weekend my lovely little town (Miami Shores Village) held one if its annual festivals (“Unity Day”).  It’s a fundraiser for our excellent recreation department, and a great event for everyone from the little kids to the old folks.  I’m somewhere in between, and there is something there for me, namely: FESTIVAL FOOD.  Cue Pavlovian salivation…. The […]