Turkey Stroganoff?


Mushroom "noodles" IMAG0722


Last night, I cooked up some turkey cutlets in a way that was quite pleasing to my palate, so I am going to share. This recipe uses grass-fed butter and kefir, but both could be omitted to make this more paleo and less primal.

  • 1 pat of grass-fed butter and/or a nice “glug” of olive oil
  • Half an onion, sauteed slowly
  • Couple of garlic nuggets, chopped & sauteed with the onions
  • Mushrooms!  I used the mushrooms in the photo above from the “Oriental Market”… They are wide and flat, so after re-hydrating them, I cut them into ribbons to add a noodle texture to my dish.  Also, I drained off the water I used to re-hydrate the mushrooms. They had a strong flavor, and I wanted them to be more mild.
  • I added the re-hydrated, drained mushrooms, added the turkey cutlets, and about 1/4 cup of dry white wine.
  • I cooked it all together, covered. Note: The cooking temp this whole time is no hotter than medium. Turkey breast can get hard and dry, so my tactic was to cook it slower, on lower heat. It seemed to work well.  I stirred occasionally, until the whole thing was cooked through.
  • I also added a whisper of dried sage, and paprika. How did I choose those spices? I smelled the dish, and I smelled the spices, and they seemed to go together well.
  •  THEN, I thought… “wow, if I add kefir to this, it would be like a stroganoff.” So I did. And then I mixed everything together and made sure it was well heated.

The verdict is that it was good, and I’d make it again.

Post-script:  Next time, I might try it without the kefir.   I am going to try to stop buying so much kefir for now.  I do enjoy it, but I my weight is holding steady and want to shake things up.   I would suspect the higher sugars in the kefir are not helpful for my weight loss goals.  (Although I must add, “holding steady” will be a wonderful thing when I am about 20 lbs lighter and within in my goal weight range).

Post-post-script:  Adventurous paleo cooks may have a nice substitute of ground almonds or cashews to make the dish creamy. I am not there yet!


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