Proper Sausages

During errands this Saturday morning, I happened across the neighborhood farmers’ market (for Miami people, it’s the one outside of the dog park on Biscayne and 60-something, and they are there from about 10 – 2 on Saturdays).  The sign that caught my eye was the one that said “Proper Sausages.”

“Oooh,” I thought.  “This might be goooooood.”

So, I stopped and I shopped. I bought 2 oz. of “Honeybush” loose-leaf tea from MiMo Tea (from a nice young man studying something that looked like calculus).  It was a not-cheap $8, but smelled really good.

After that, I picked up 2 ears of hot roasted corn from the Corn Man — and by the way, grain-shmain, fresh roasted corn is my jam. The second ear is for my husband, but if he isn’t home soon it might get eaten.

Finally, I went to talk to the guys at the Proper Sausage tent.  They make artisan sausages, with pork from sustainable organic farms.

I asked “Is it pastured pork?” and one of the two guys hesitated.  He said something like: “Well, I’ve heard that term before, but… well, what I can say is that these animals are not treated with hormones, etc., and they are fed acorns, fruit, veggies, and they have room to roam around.”  Good enough.

From what he said, and from the photos showing the farm, I gleaned that it’s probably not “pastured” like where the piggies roam and root in a forest. BUT, on the other hand, this is NOT supermarket pork, and in a very good way.  There were three delicious-sounding sausage blends, sold in packs of 4 for $12.   Not cheap, not horrifying.   Only one of the three flavors, called The Proper Chorizo, was  gluten-free (the others had breadcrumbs) so that’s the one I got.   It’s made with alderwood smoked Berkshire pork, paprika, fresh garlic, oregano. Simple and good.

THEN, these nice guys gave me the mind-blowingly great news that they’re opening a store-front about 5 blocks from my house. 5 blocks!!!! This could be dangerous.

I’ll report back with the  results once I grill these sausages, which I am thinking of serving with a side of parsnip mash and my fresh chimichurri.

Happy Saturday continues!


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