New things

Happy Chinese New Year (this will be the Year of the Snake)!  I’ll be going for dim sum tomorrow to watch a performance of the lion dance, while trying to navigate the dim sum menu for paleo-ish options.

This morning, I decided I should try new recipes more often.  It’s silly to have apprehension that the dish may not turn out. At worst, it’s probably still edible.  At best, there is new knowledge and experience gained, along with good food to enjoy and share.

First New Recipe:

For the first time this morning, I poached eggs!   It never occurred to me to poach them myself, even though I’ve enjoyed poached eggs at restaurants.  Turns out it’s quick and easy, and (in my opinion) there is no better egg-cooking method to bring out the rich, delicate egginess of a pasture-raised chicken egg.

I got my recipe via google, which suggested to use the outer ring from a mason jar to keep the egg whites gathered.  Next time, I’d either ditch the rings, or used the flat part of the lid as well (so that the egg can be pushed out of the ring with the flat part of the lid).   The ring kept the egg whites gathered, but they wanted to stick inside the grooves and my yolks broke during the removal process.

Anyway, I brought my pan of water to a boil, and then cooled it off by adding a bit of tap water so it was just below the boiling point.  I poached the eggs for about 4 minutes, lid on.  Oh! And I added some rice vinegar to the water, as recommended to help the egg whites solidify. It did not impart ANY vinegar taste to the eggs, yay!

Served with a side of sauerkraut and coffee, my morning is made.

The Second New Thing is yet to come:

I am (maybe) going to attempt my Korean friend’s kimchi recipe later today.  I’ll have my camera back then to document my success, or failure. Either way, it’s exciting.

Happy Saturday!


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