Monthly Archives: February 2013

Turkey Stroganoff?

    Last night, I cooked up some turkey cutlets in a way that was quite pleasing to my palate, so I am going to share. This recipe uses grass-fed butter and kefir, but both could be omitted to make this more paleo and less primal. 1 pat of grass-fed butter and/or a nice “glug” […]

Primal-ish Scones: Recipe in Progress

Before paleo, I had a “famous scone recipe” which was actually my Aunt’s recipe by way of her godson, by way of Alice Waters cookbook and her lovely Berkely, CA restaurant, Chez Panisse.  Simple, quick, delicious, and a crowd-pleaser:  a slightly sweetened biscuit, with the added sweetness of dried fruit (apricots are best). I have […]

Cod plus parsley, capers, lemon, butter


Since the first time I tried kimchi when I was around 10 years old, I was hooked. If you’ve never had this spicy, fermented, Korean side dish, I am sorry for you. Except that for many people, it’s an acquired taste. And even for people who love it, it really smells strong (garlic, onions, cabbage). […]

Budget Paleo: Work Lunches, Part 2

Here is my second installment of telling you how I throw together my budget paleo lunches. There’s nothing so innovative or groundbreaking here. But this is how I do it. This one, in particular, is super simple, and involves zero cooking.  My stomach was sad from a weekend of non-paleo foods (mainly dim sum to […]

Proper Sausages

During errands this Saturday morning, I happened across the neighborhood farmers’ market (for Miami people, it’s the one outside of the dog park on Biscayne and 60-something, and they are there from about 10 – 2 on Saturdays).  The sign that caught my eye was the one that said “Proper Sausages.” “Oooh,” I thought.  “This […]

New things

Happy Chinese New Year (this will be the Year of the Snake)!  I’ll be going for dim sum tomorrow to watch a performance of the lion dance, while trying to navigate the dim sum menu for paleo-ish options. This morning, I decided I should try new recipes more often.  It’s silly to have apprehension that […]