Exhibit A



This chart shows my weight loss starting about 2 years ago, on January 1, 2010.  That day, I weighed 230 lbs.  My weight was especially high, since I spent New Year’s Eve  inhaling mini-sandwiches from a cold-cut platter, and quaffing copious amounts of cheap champagne.

The black arrow points to June 1, 2012, when I switched from a calorie restricted diet, and started paleo.  I weighed 215 then, just 15lbs. less than when I started serious dieting 1.5 years before!  This morning I weighed 186 lbs.

For anyone who is working to lose weight, I highly recommend keeping a chart like this one!  Especially these days, when 1lb. per week seems like annoyingly slow progress, I love to gaze at my chart and know that the next entry will be progress toward my goal.

(BTW, I maintain this particular chart via livestrong.com… yes, it was started by Lance Armstrong who is is a big giant lying liar, but I still like and support Livestrong.)





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