Cooking, cooking…

I am SO happy that my husband has agreed to try paleo for 30 days.  I say “agreed” but I should say “decided”… I mentioned it a few times, and then shut up. HE was the one who suggested starting the 30 day challenge. While I am not trying to “convert” him to paleo/primal, I think it’s an excellent experiment.  Of course, since he’s a dude, he’s lost about 2lbs a DAY.

Anyway, the responsibility of having lots of paleo food in the house has fallen on me, for a few reasons.

Firstly, I’ve read the books, I am on the websites, checking out recipes, and I know what’s paleo and what isn’t.  He hasn’t read much, except for the fitbomb article that I refer people to when they ask what I did to lose 40+lbs.  That makes me the human reference guide.  I am OK with that.

Secondly, I am the cook of the house. He’s capable of fending for himself, but his “cooking” mostly involves food assembly (burritos/wraps, etc.).  And I love to cook.

This is an interesting challenge, as a working person.  I get home at 6 or later. I need food that can be cooked quickly, or cooked ahead and re-heated.   And it has to be appetizing to both of us!!!  That’s a lot harder than just cooking for myself.

Here are some things I’ve learned:

  • There is no shame in grabbing a rotisserie chicken on the way home. Whole Foods makes a “naked” bird. I avoid the birds smothered in BBQ sauce (sugar!).  Then, the leftover chicken goes on a salad the next day.  And the dog and cat are always happy to get the bonus chicken fat with their food.
  • Cooking larger batches of protein (chicken, fish, etc.) makes the most sense for time savings.  Why heat up the oven (even my convection toaster oven) for two chicken breasts when I can make a big pan of them, and have a few lunches and dinners taken care of?  Boil 6 eggs instead of 2, and I’ve got breakfasts for a couple of days (or a delicious addition to my salad in the evening).
  • My pre-mixed shake-seasonings save so much time, and they make the same old chicken new and different.
  • When in doubt, fire up the grill.   Luckily in Miami there’s never an off-season for using the grill.  Now that it’s winter, it’s especially lovely out in the evenings (and not quite so many mosquitoes).  I loooooove my little Weber propane grill (sorry, grilling purists, I just don’t have the time or inclination to get a charcoal or hickory smoke fire going on a typical work-night).  When I fire up the grill, I know a mini-celebration is just minutes away.
  • I always stock a pre-chopped kale mix. Great for salads, or wilted, and it keeps in the fridge longer than other greens, and I am much more likely to use it than if I had to wash and chop the kale myself.

I am having fun, and working on some other ideas.   Time to do some Googling to figure out what to do with the turkey tenderloins I just bought!


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