Desk Job

I asked a question on Twitter, for people with desk jobs. I’ll repeat it:  “What do you keep in your desk at work?”  Even the “old me” knew not to keep a desk full of Snickers bars and M&M’s, but I DID stock things like wasa crackers (gluten), peanut butter (legumes), rice cakes (grains).

Now, my food drawer at work contains tea and olive oil.  Teas are a great way to break up an afternoon of legal research. First of all, it’s excuse to get up from the computer screen and walk to the kitchen.  The caffeine is my “drug of choice” but I keep naturally caffeine-free herbal teas too (like peppermint).

My extra virgin olive oil gets glugged onto my salads in lieu of mystery oil salad dressings.  I love my oil!

Nourish Paleo responded that she stocks tea, and almonds.

Almonds are a great idea to quell a hunger attack, and I might need to re-stock my desk.  Although, one thing about a paleo lifestyle is that I don’t get crazy hunger freak-outs. Still, the fat in just a tiny handful of almonds (say, 6 or 8) will quell hunger, and a whole serving feels positively indulgent (that’s around 26 natural almonds, not the kind that’s roasted with mystery oils).

OH! And here’s a follow-up question.  I have a candy dish on my desk. I got it for the holidays, and stocked it with various chocolates and caramels. Don’t worry about me, I had one piece of dark chocolate and didn’t touch it since.  Maybe it’s evil of me to supply stuff I won’t touch. Irresponsible, even?

So, what’s a good candy-dish offering that’s not as bad as pure sugar mixed with chemicals? My dad used to buy a sesame seed & honey candy. Is that still junk? I’ll look into it, but in the meantime, suggestions appreciated. And I already thought of, and vetoed, individually wrapped prunes.  (But that would be kind of funny.)





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