Paleo made easier.

I’m a broken record this month, but my weight has gone down again.  It’s little increments, but a daily difference of .1 and .2 and .3 a day adds up at the end of the week. It feels great that while I am doing my January challenge, I am seeing some measurable results.

People noticing my weight loss have presumed that I must be really dedicated, motivated, etc.  The truth is that I can be kind of lazy, and paleo happens to fit into that lifestyle.

There are ways I’ve found that make it possible to cook and eat well, but super easily.  My example today was dinner.  I got home from a work day where I had to focus intensely to get several research projects done.  Draining.  Cooking dinner on a night like tonight isn’t appealing.

I did it anyway. Here is what I did:

  • Pre-heated my convection toaster oven for 400 degrees (I love this little kitchen device, and it earns every square inch of counter space is takes up)
  • Took 4 fish fillets (mahi a/k/a dolphin-the-fish-not-“Flipper”) directly from the freezer (purchased on sale).
  • Set each on a small aluminum foil covered tray (makes it easier to clean later), on top of a wee sliver of grass-fed butter. Added another little sliver of the grass fed butter on top of each.
  • Then I used “shake seasoning” and covered the tops of the fillets.   The season is a Mediterranean lemon herb mixture.
  • I cooked them for 20 minutes.

The fact that there are 5 bullet points is really misleading. It’s super easy.  Put frozen fish on to bake with a fat and some seasoning. Eat it 20 minutes later.

I put the hot fish on top of some mixed kales … the fish, when just out of the oven cooks/wilts the kale a bit. I chopped a tomato, and added some kimchi to the side of the salad, and dressed it with a little olive oil.   While the fish was on to cook, I did other things.  If I had thought ahead and thawed the fish, it would have cooked even faster.

The key here is the “shake seasoning.”  If you’ve read “Practical Paleo” you’ll see some examples of seasoning mixes. I have not tried any of those specific mixes, but the idea is the same, and it’s a great one.  A little pre-planning allows great laziness later.  Be careful with store-bought mixes, because they quite often have hidden no-go ingredients, like sugar or MSG.

My husband mixes up his own “taco seasoning” with cumin, garlic, onion, chili powder, and the like.  Shake it on beef or chicken and you have easy fajita meat.  Have one for fish/chicken, too. Trust me, it’s a great secret weapon for the sometimes-lazy cook!


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