Super-Paleo, Day 4

Good news! Renewed commitment to the “strict version” of my personal paleo rules has already worked. I have broken into the 180’s for the first time since 2009!!!

Wheat and other foods are easy to avoid, as always. They make me feel bad, end of story.

It’s not so “easy” to skip the fun foods that don’t seem to cause me physical discomfort:  delicious corn chips, cheese, dark chocolate, naturally sweetened foods.  These are foods that don’t seem to make me ill, but keep me at a weight plateau when I eat them regularly.

Here is what I am doing to maintain motivation (and yes, I know it’s only 4 days in, but motivation is often hardest to call upon at the beginning, when the memory of delicious, creamy organic eggnog and other holiday transgressions are fresh in one’s mind):

1) remind myself “it’s only 30 days” before I can go back to more relaxed rules, although I am open to longer than 30 days!  This is a fun little mind trick that a friend introduced me to. For him, it was about quitting smoking. At the end of the 30 days, he just kept doing more 30 day stints and hasn’t smoked in years.  I am not trying to “quit corn chips” but while they stand in the way of no longer being “overweight”, they’re on lock-down.

2) remind myself that when I do this, it really works (the proof is in my weight loss chart). After just one week, I’ll be down a solid pound. As a @paleojeff (Twitter) pointed out, keep that up and I’ll be down 52 lbs by the end of the year.  It’s easy to forget goals. For me, constant reminders help immensely to keep motivation strong.

3) when I want “dessert” after dinner, I have something. Like a little bowl of nuts/unsweetened coconut, and a hot coffee or tea.  Happy times.

4) Ample protein to curb hunger.  My doctor said I should “make a fist” and that’s the amount of protein I can and should eat at a meal. Well, I am a lady with some big “man hands”, and I take full advantage of every square centimeter of my “hand-sized” protein portion.

5) Ample fat to curb hunger. Avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, pastured butter… it’s all on the list, and it makes me feel full and happy.  Am I eating a stick of butter a day? No. But neither am I measuring it out by the thimble.

6)  Nutrient dense, and varied. Since my calories are a bit lower right now, I make a concerted effort to eat foods that are high in vitamins (omega 3 eggs, including the yolks), and to eat a varied menu. This also avoids burn-out. Chicken and broccoli at every meal simply will not do.   Food fatigue is certain to cause “Cheese Madness” (Cheese Madness is that unfortunate malady characterized by waking from a fugue state, having eaten every scrap of cheese in the house, regardless of whether it happens to be 12,000 calories worth of cheese).

So far, so good. No Cheese Madness episodes.  If anyone else is doing Whole 30, or the 21 Day Sugar Detox (or their own similar back-to-basics for the new year thing), I’d love to hear your suggestions and experiences.  Good luck!


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