Monthly Archives: January 2013

Paleo Party: Eats and Drinks

Wow.  My back-to-basics paleo January is almost over!  That went by quickly.  And I got great results, so why stop now?  Well in fact, I have been doing some thinking during this austere month, I realize I enjoy what I am eating, drinking, and doing (good exercise).  And I feel great. Really, the only cramp in my style […]

Budget Paleo: Work Lunches

Even after 10 years of being a lawyer, I am budget conscious (thanks, exorbitant student loans).  Monday, I went to work without packing my lunch.  Ugh.  At noon, I went downstairs to find something good, though any decent options in downtown Miami would cost at least $10.00. However, after walking around the block, I ended […]

Paleo Croutons, Sort of…

Just cooked lunch.  Mahi-Mahi (non-Flipper-dolphin) baked, with a big romaine & tomato salad. I decided to make “croutons” with green plantains (“platanos”). Well, “decided” may be stretching the truth.  I intended to make “tostones” but my plantain-smashing technique broke up the plantains into bits.  However, I think the adjusted product came out great! Here is what I […]

Exhibit A

  This chart shows my weight loss starting about 2 years ago, on January 1, 2010.  That day, I weighed 230 lbs.  My weight was especially high, since I spent New Year’s Eve  inhaling mini-sandwiches from a cold-cut platter, and quaffing copious amounts of cheap champagne. The black arrow points to June 1, 2012, when […]

Cooking, cooking…

I am SO happy that my husband has agreed to try paleo for 30 days.  I say “agreed” but I should say “decided”… I mentioned it a few times, and then shut up. HE was the one who suggested starting the 30 day challenge. While I am not trying to “convert” him to paleo/primal, I think […]

Squirrel meat

I grew up in the country, so I’ve had squirrel meat multiple times.  I even know, generally, how to clean their little carcasses to get them ready to fry up in a pan.   As I recall, the meat is dark, gamey, and there are lots of little bones to eat around. My husband said […]

Desk Job

I asked a question on Twitter, for people with desk jobs. I’ll repeat it:  “What do you keep in your desk at work?”  Even the “old me” knew not to keep a desk full of Snickers bars and M&M’s, but I DID stock things like wasa crackers (gluten), peanut butter (legumes), rice cakes (grains). Now, […]