Local Review: Lost & Found Saloon – Miami

Last night, my husband and I took our out-of-town guests to The Lost & Found Saloon.

This is one of our favorites, located on N.W. 36th Street in Miami, near Wynwood.   Want a veggie burger? They have it (their black-bean burger is one of the best, according to my vegetarian friends). Want a regular burger?  They’ve got it.  Chicken Flautas? Wonderful!  As their website says: “Cool vibe, great staff, awesome & healthy food, specialty beers and wines. Vegan, vegetarian and meat lover friendly!”

It has a hole-in-the-wall quality to it, but don’t let that frighten you away.  Bring quarters for the street parking. There is allegedly lot parking, but I’ve never looked for it.

Pre-paleo, I’d always get the Chicken Flautas.  Highly recommended for anyone who eats flour and dairy. Three shredded chicken filled tortillas are rolled up and baked with cheese, served with lettuce, tomato, and sides of sour cream and tomatillo salsa.  Take their suggested add-ons of portobello mushroom and avocado.

Back then, I’d also get a draft brew (Monk in the Trunk), and share a freshly-baked giant chocolate chip cookie a la mode for dessert.  Wheat attack! But delicious.

Last night was my first post-paleo trip to L&F, and I had zero problems finding good things to eat.  Not only is the menu plenty varied  (options for vegans & vegetarians, smoked fish dip, BBQ Ribs, burgers, southwest items), but the menu has suggestions for low-carb substitutes (sauteed spinach and sundried tomatoes in place of saffron rice).

I don’t do beer anymore, so I went with a cider. For dinner, I had the thyme chicken breast, which is served sliced on a plate with the sauteed spinach & sundried tomatoes, steamed asparagus, portobello mushrooms, and a spicy sauce I forgot to ask about. I could have eaten two plates of my dinner. Good stuff!

I don’t do regular cookies anymore, either.  I had a little ice cream, and some of the berry filling from the hot berry pie we ordered to share.

Be forewarned, L&F has a weird restricted alcohol license that requires you to buy a dinner if you want to order beer/wine.  Just one taco will suffice as an “entree”, but the rule IS enforced (L&F risks expensive fines and loss of their license if they don’t comply).  Luckily the food is the draw for this place.

Be patient, as the food does NOT come out right away. If you’re famished, order an appetizer (the smoked fish dip is good). The good news is that the food is freshly prepared to order, and delicious.

One little qualm comes from my husband, a brewed iced tea connoisseur.  In our hometown of Central Florida, regular, black-leaf brewed iced tea is served everywhere. In Miami, it’s much harder to find. Here, when tea is not bottled or canned (think “Nestea” or “Gold Peak”), it’s often heavy-handedly flavored with mango, passion fruit, etc. because we’re so darned TROPICAL).

So, L&F’s iced tea is not as bad as Nestea, but it does taste a bit fountainy, rather than having that “fresh-brewed daily” taste.  My husband avoided it and he ordered the Detroit iced coffee instead (it’s good).

The food is not el-cheapo, but the quality is good. You can get away with an inexpensive dinner if you skip the alcohol and dessert (some entrees approach $20, many are closer to the $12.95 range). They also serve breakfast, too, but I have not tried that yet.

In terms of evaluating the paleosity of the place (paleosity = new word? or has someone used that one before?), I didn’t go so far as to investigate what kind of oils they use, but anyway, most of the things I’ve tried there are baked or roasted, not fried/greasy. And they seem to be happy to work with you on substitutions.

All in all, I give L&F a thumbs up for being paleo-workable and a good all-around neighborhood joint.  I suppose I need a paleo rating scale!


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