Breakfast eludes a lot of people.  Indeed, there was a time in my life when I’d go until 3 or 4PM before I ate anything.

That habit ended in the late 90’s when my super-awesome uncle cooked me breakfast every day during my last two years of college.

Before my paleo thang, I had gotten into the habit of having a slice or two of sprouted hemp bread, topped either with almond butter, or boiled egg. And hot coffee, or green tea.

Once I ditched my hemp bread, I had to find a replacement. Below are some examples of my items from my everyday (work-day) breakfast. The key for me is quick, and easy to assemble. Also, I usually choose finger food that I can eat in the car on the way to work. That way I get a nice, leisurely breakfast rather than trying to eat quickly at home.

—A small handful of dried almonds (about 24 kernels). Other nuts are OK, but I especially like my almonds.

—One or two boiled eggs.  I make several days worth of eggs at once, and grab them from the fridge. They’re easy, but be sure not to overcook them or the texture is gross.  Cover eggs in water, bring them to a boil, turn the heat down immediately so that they’re just boiling (for no longer than 10 minutes), then turn off the heat, cover the eggs, and let them it for 15 minutes before running under cold water and either peeling or refrigerating. Top with a little sea salt and black pepper, if you like.

—One serving of fresh or dried fruit, such as:  a cored apple; 4 dried figs; 5 dried Turkish apricots; a small handful of grapes; half-cup of blueberries; cup of strawberries…. or whatever other fruit is looking good and in season.

—Sausage, usually turkey sausage (Be careful here; it’s easy to get a sausage full of badness. Check your ingredients to to avoid sugar, soy, wheat, etc.). I fry up a few at a time and refrigerate the rest.

—Hamburger patty. This is a new one, I just tried with a leftover patty. It’s finger food if you eat it out of a sandwich bag. 🙂

—Bacon. Just a couple of cold slices of pastured pork bacon, fried in advance.

—Jerky.  This is when I have not planned ahead, but want a breakfast protein.


So, I grab a plastic bowl, and add in a fat (nuts), a protein (eggs, sausage, burger, or jerky), and a fruit (fresh, or dried), I make my coffee (instant coffee, unless it’s a weekend, via my essential Zojirushi hot water kettle), and then I’m out the door!

Personally, I love to eat and drive. With this menu, I can reach for almonds and eggs without looking, so I can concentrate on navigating the Miami streets. My full attention is required for cursing at jaywalking pedestrians, buses, and all the other participants in my daily obstacle course.

Suggestions and idea are welcomed!

P.S. I’d quite like to take some nice photos to go along with this post, but I am having SD card issues, and the idea of waiting for service at Best Buy is daunting.  I’ll get there at some point…


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