Monthly Archives: December 2012

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..

Another year ends. A new year begins. I am getting older. This year I turn 37!  Holy crap. 2012 has been quite a year. I “went paleo” in June, and my life changed. I’ve learned a lot… One thing I have learned this year is that older does not mean progressively fatter and sicker. At […]

Bacon. Brussels Sprouts. Pecans.

What a great combination. I wish I had come up with it myself, but I got the idea from PaleOMG. I used Wellshire thick cut bacon, cut it into squares. The recipe calls for 6 oz. I used the whole 18 oz.  I used at least a cup of pecans. Amazing!    

Grass-fed beef chili

Right about now I am missing my camera.  I had some great food-prep photo ops this morning, as I put together my first paleo, grass-fed beef chili.  I didn’t follow a recipe. I just used my general chili knowledge to put this together. I my chili spicy, but not deadly.  This is not atomic chili […]

How To Be Sick And Paleo At The Same Time?

I may be halfway smart, but I am clearly no genius. Otherwise, I would have worn a mask when I was doing a job that involved breathing in a bunch of dust and mold.  Now, I am sick.  It’s the typical thing, where it starts in the sinuses, causes a sore throat, and then moves […]

Oh Hail

I didn’t want to like Hail Merry desserts (just slightly thrown off by the Catholic & raw vegan philosophy aspects) but oh my goodness, that’s some fantastic stuff.  It does have lots of aspects I DO like: Virgin oils, gluten free, blah blah blah. I found the products at Whole Foods, and tried the macaroons despite […]

A long way to go…

Here I was, celebrating losing 40lbs worth of fat-suit.  It’s a great feeling, in every sense. I feel like I have accomplished a goal, and physically I feel strong and healthy. Then, I went clothes shopping to replace some clothes that are now too big/baggy. There is nothing like harsh dressing room lighting (a/k/a “reality”) […]

Local Review: Lost & Found Saloon – Miami

Last night, my husband and I took our out-of-town guests to The Lost & Found Saloon. This is one of our favorites, located on N.W. 36th Street in Miami, near Wynwood.   Want a veggie burger? They have it (their black-bean burger is one of the best, according to my vegetarian friends). Want a regular […]