It seems like I’ve finally gained some power over my weight, and I am ever-so-slowly whittling away at my body fat.  So, in my spare time, I like to daydream about how much more weight (fat) I might lose.

Today, I revisited my old frenemy, the B.M.I. calculator. I am still “overweight” but honing in on “normal.”  Yay!

The question remains, what weight is ideal for me?  Presuming we could all press a magical button and dial up a weight, what is that perfect sweet spot?  How does anyone decide when to switch from weight loss to maintenance?

The B.M.I. calculator tells me that “normal” for my height is anywhere between 129lbs. and 174lbs.  So that means I have a 45lbs.  range to work within?!  That’s quite a range.

Anyway, one step at a time. I’m working on “just” 5lbs. for December.

Good luck to everyone else who still has fat they need lose, and for people who are happily maintaining, I’d like to know how you decided on your “just right”…


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