Giving Thanks For Paleo

I am back from my Thanksgiving pilgrimage to my homeland. Not only did I survive, I thrived!

We had: Turkey, Apple Salad, My Brother’s Spicy Collards and Hog Maws, Mashed Potatoes (I tasted one bite), Sweet Potato Casserole (same), roasted okra (in lieu of Brussels sprouts, since WFM ran out!), and the fabulous “turkey-sculpted-of-veggies” that I prepared (see photo, above. I got the idea from a photo on Pinterest, of which I am not a member because I refuse to sign up with my Facebook account).    I also had a whole slice of gluten-free pumpkin pie (with whipped cream!) and quaffed bellinis and Crispin cider with reckless abandon.

But you know what? I didn’t get the “turkey disease” (a/k/a “food coma” a/k/a “the itis”). I felt pretty great, in fact.

The rest of the weekend was food-centric, too. We went to Universal Studios, and I ate a giant smoked turkey leg, among many other things.  And I embarrassed my family by running and jumping around like a goofball because I had so much energy.

Sunday was my family reunion, a potluck, and there were so many wonderful dishes (including lots of healthy options to choose from, like my cousin’s roasted fall veggie salad, which she got from somebody called The Sexy Vegan?)… That salad had, among other things, roasted butternut squash, kale, Brussels sprouts, and pecans.  That, with a side of pulled pork, was wonderful. Melon and ambrosia for dessert (no gross mini-marshmallows in our family’s version).

Basically, it was a 4-day-long, crazy food smorgasbord.  I ate like I was storing up for winter, and it was a lot of fun.  One major, notable difference from Thanksgiving past is that I have NO Thanksgiving food hangover.  And this morning, just the Wednesday after the holiday weekend, I am already back down to my Thanksgiving-eve weight.   All it took was two days of my “strict” paleo plan (no alcohol, dark chocolate, etc.). AND, I hit the gym hard (had lots of energy), and drank lots of water.

Anyone have a T-giving experience to share? Paleo, or otherwise?

Dare I say, this very well may be the first holiday season where I LOSE weight.  Who needs New Years Resolutions?!  Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I didn’t say so at the dinner table on Thursday, but I was, and I am, very thankful for paleo!



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