Handing Out The Kool-Aid

I am not religious, and never have been.  If there is a religious gene, I was born without it. I am skeptical and wary of evangelism in most things.  You won’t rope me into your multi-level marketing scheme, either!

However, I realized today, that with paleo I have come the closest ever to understanding people who have experienced a religious conversion.  When I tried paleo, and when I started losing weight without hunger, with lots of energy, with more mental focus, and stronger muscles, I freaked out a little.

I drank the paleo kool-aid, and for a short while, all I wanted to do was spread The Word.

Before I committed to trying paleo, I read (Fitbomb’s “Why I eat Paleo“), and read (Robb Wolf’s “The Paleo Solution), and read (Dr. Loren Cordain’s “The Paleo Diet”).  I read loads of blog posts.  I read articles in science journals.  I Googled “paleo criticism” and similar searches to see what the doubters had to say. (Conclusion: Haters gonna hate.)

And while I was intrigued and interested, it wasn’t until I gave it a try that I snapped and was all “OH WOW THIS WORKS AND IS AMAZING AND I HAVE FOUND THE ONE TRUE WAY AND PALEO PALEO PALEO!”  And my husband started to worry I had been kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a pod person.

I don’t jump on bandwagons.  I don’t quote “scripture”. Except this time.  And it took me a couple of weeks to calm down and relax a little, and quiet the urge to denounce sugar and grains to friends (and worse, to strangers).


Husband:  Hey, you want one of these bagels?



Husband:  Hey, you want one of these bagels?

Me:  No, thank you.  I am going boil a couple of omega-3 eggs. You want some?

* * *

So yeah, in the first few weeks, I had this near-irrepressible urge to tell everyone — EVERYONE — about paleo. Friends. Family. Co-workers. The mailman.  (And no, I didn’t tell the mailman.  But not because I didn’t want to!)  I shut up, primarily because I realized that basically NOBODY wanted to hear about how awesome it is to not eat grains.  😀   NOBODY.

But then. THEN. Months went by, and at some point I lost a bunch of weight. A noticeable amount of weight.  A “whoa!” amount of weight.

At that point, people started noticing, and they started asking ME questions. AND NOW, all of a sudden, it seems I have a few unintended paleo converts!

  1. My mom. Truth be told, I actually goaded her into downloading The Paleo Solution. She implemented the basic template and has lost 15 lbs! Go mom!  (I think she wasn’t very overweight to begin with, but I know she had been feeling unhealthy).
  2. Another lawyer at work.  One day he asked me what I did to lose the weight. I told him. Unbeknownst to me, he took what I said and implemented it, and now he’s down 11 lbs.  He’s also not a heavy guy, but apparently he had some blood pressure/heart issues… I am hoping he gets good heart-test results, in addition to the lost weight.
  3. And now… My husband!?  He’s not actually drunk the kool-aid yet, but he’s doing things “my way” more often (in the food department, anyway).

In other news, today would have been my dad’s 62nd birthday. Instead, he’s missed his last two birthdays, due to colon cancer & diabetes.  That’s a paleo conversion I’ll never get to make.  Yes,  genetics impact these “diseases of aging” and I don’t think that paleo is going to be a magic bullet so that I’ll be the first person to live to 150.  But I do have to wonder if my dad’s fate would have been different if he had stumbled onto paleo like I did.

Whew. Very navel gazey-post.  If don’t mind, great.

If you hateses it, sorry.  I’ll end on the Thanksgiving theme, and note that I got some delicious fresh turkey sausages from the Whole Foods meat department, on sale for $1 each. Turkey/butternut squash, with a sage seasoning.  They do have a bit of natural sugar  (non HFCS), but not too much.  If the sale is still on, I’m going back for enough to saute for Thanksgiving morning breakfast.


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