Non-Thanksgiving Turkey

Publix had a turkey sale, so I grabbed a 12 lb. bird. It was just over $7.00!  I couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving for my turkey fix, so I roasted the bird today.  I used an oven bag, and threw in some onion and garlic. I basted it a bit when it was getting close to being done. It came out great!

Everyone in the house was very happy, especially the dog and cat. They got to eat the simmered heart, gizzard, and other assorted parts.  I saved the liver and more skin and fat for later (didn’t want them to overdose and get sick).

After roasting, I removed all the meat from the carcass, and did what all the long-time paleo-people like to talk about doing: I roasted the bones and neck. Now, the roasted bones are simmering in a stew-pot, to be made into turkey stew/turkey bone broth by the end of the night (I’ll add collards, broccoli, tomato, and whatever else I have in my fridge).

So, for ~$8, I have several pounds of leftover turkey to use during the week, not including the stew.  It’s not a pasture raised or organic turkey. But I figure it’s way better than gross processed turkey lunch meat.

Maybe now I won’t attack the turkey with such fervor on Thanksgiving.


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