Sickness & Wellness

I have been thinking today about Paleo, as a permanent template for optimal health, fitness, and wellness. Sadly, I learned that a fellow Miami lawyer died of cancer this week, by all accounts a good lawyer, and good man.  He put up a fight against a type of cancer that was never curable, just manageable, and kept a weblog about his health updates, where he discussed the process of this treatment, shared thoughts, etc. (that’s mainly why I know so much about his situation).
One of his doctors gave him some advice that I didn’t think about when I first read it pre-paleo, but later recalled it post-paleo.  This oncologist suggested that in preparing for chemo, he should put on as much padding as possible. To do so, he should eat whatever and as much as he wanted: donuts, chips, cake, no holds barred.
Pre-paleo, faced with that advice from an MD, I would have been happy to oblige, and would have enthusiastically complied with the suggestion.
Now, I think I would disobey the advice.  Thankfully I am not (yet) facing any terminal illness, but if/when I do, I can’t imagine I’ll start eating bagels again. I imagine it would make me feel worse than the disease.
In many respects, it’s difficult to reconcile what I have read and heard from the non-paleo medical community, with what I have read, heard, and EXPERIENCED w/ paleo. I just know that I was beginning to have so many little medical issues, which have subsided now.
Mortality is inevitable, and there are a billion things that could, and may, stop me from becoming a healthy octogenarian.  However, I feel pretty certain that if I stayed on the path I was on before, I’d have been gone from the earth by my 60’s, just like my dad.  Now at least, who knows?
My thoughts are with the family of this lawyer, and I am thankful that he wrote about his experience.

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