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It seems like I’ve finally gained some power over my weight, and I am ever-so-slowly whittling away at my body fat.  So, in my spare time, I like to daydream about how much more weight (fat) I might lose. Today, I revisited my old frenemy, the B.M.I. calculator. I am still “overweight” but honing in on […]

Giving Thanks For Paleo

I am back from my Thanksgiving pilgrimage to my homeland. Not only did I survive, I thrived! We had: Turkey, Apple Salad, My Brother’s Spicy Collards and Hog Maws, Mashed Potatoes (I tasted one bite), Sweet Potato Casserole (same), roasted okra (in lieu of Brussels sprouts, since WFM ran out!), and the fabulous “turkey-sculpted-of-veggies” that […]

Mayo + Clinic…

I have not been to the grocery store for a while (trying to clean out the fridge/pantry). So, this weekend I found myself with nothing in the house I *wanted* to eat. Broccoli. Eh. Organic tinned chicken. Eh.  Sardines.  No. I couldn’t  be  bothered with anything. So, I decided to make some mayonnaise, or mayo-type sauce, […]

Left. Over. Turkey.

I know a lot of people who say they look forward to having lots of leftover turkey, and they get a squirrely look in their eye when they see someone heaping up their plate on Thanksgiving Day. That muscle in their eyelid starts to twitch. Folks, I have discovered the cure to that ailment. Make a […]

Handing Out The Kool-Aid

I am not religious, and never have been.  If there is a religious gene, I was born without it. I am skeptical and wary of evangelism in most things.  You won’t rope me into your multi-level marketing scheme, either! However, I realized today, that with paleo I have come the closest ever to understanding people […]

Non-Thanksgiving Turkey

Publix had a turkey sale, so I grabbed a 12 lb. bird. It was just over $7.00!  I couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving for my turkey fix, so I roasted the bird today.  I used an oven bag, and threw in some onion and garlic. I basted it a bit when it was getting close to […]

Thanksgiving Side Dishes – The noble Brussels sprout

I always remember liking Brussels sprouts, even with the slightly bitter taste they sometimes have. (Aside: I learned in biology class that I am a “non-taster” so while I can ascertain that something is bitter, it’s no biggie. Helpful for eating older dandelion greens, and drinking bitter green tea, which might torture a “super-taster”). For […]