A political aside…

Ugh. I just sat through the entire second presidential debate. I skipped the first one, but felt guilty about it. That’s the residual effect of my political science degree… I feel I need to pay attention, even when the result is uncomfortable.  

Politics aside, Romney was so rude to Candy Crowley and Mr. Obama. I didn’t like that at all. Mr. Brash-and-Sassy gets a failing grade from me.  

Also, for some reason I get the sense that Obama is like me in that I’d 100% prefer to get a question in writing ahead of time and then take my time really thinking through and working out the perfect answer. So, seeing him speaking off the cuff makes me uncomfortable. I can see the internal dialogue going on in his head, where he’s thinking of all the other things he could/should say… I may just be projecting. 

I know someone who is planning to vote his conscience, and support libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. I checked out Mr. Johnson’s Wikipedia page… while I need to do more research, I like the basics of his politics. I have been a Democrat, a Republican, and now I am No Party Affiliation… I am considering voting for Mr. Johnson in protest of both mainstream parties. It’s a shame he — or anyone other than the (D) and (R) candidates — has zero chance of winning.  

Which candidate is the most “paleo” compatible? 


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